Sweden Bonfire is a tour operator for people that would like to experience a special kind of vacation.

Who are we?

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After finishing her business studies in the field of event and sports management, Anja decided to move to Sweden in November 2015. Since then, she has been working in different fields of the tourism branch. She loves working closely with her clients and enjoys preparing their field trips. Her brother Marco introduced her to rock climbing, where she cherishes spending hours in Sweden’s beautiful nature.

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He immigrated to Sweden during the summer of 2013 and started working as a design engineer for a tool manufacturer in Älvdalen. However, Marco was always passionate about exploring the outdoors and interested to eventually work in that field. In his spare time, he loves to roam through the Swedish forests, enjoys his time nearby the many lakes, or can be found rock climbing. Basically, his tent is his second home.


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Every great company has its signature mascot – ours is Marco’s sweet Fino, Sweden’s friendliest and most amicable dog. No matter where the day will take us, Fino is always tagging along. He loves to go on rock climbing trips, boat or rafting adventures, and simple hiking tours. Fino was born in November 2014 and usually accompanies all our trips with clients.


If you don’t want to rent a car, you can travel in comfortable trains from Stockholm Arlanda airport to Mora. The train will take you along countless lakes and forests, and will give you a first impression of Sweden’s beauty.